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RSL holds all the patents for it's designs. We invent, design and patent!

Launched at Interbuild 95, the Roller Shutter Lintel system is a unique, innovative system of concealed and discreet shutters, designed to combine maximum security with excellent insulation properties.

RSL holds all the patents for it's designs. We invent, design and patent!

The Roller Shutter is concealed within the wall cavity and when raised, is housed within the RSL supplied structural lintel, and leaves a concealed shutter system when out of use. When the shutter is down there are no guide rails or boxes visible, providing excellent security and makes it ideal as a concealed shutter.

You can be assured that when you fit our shutter systems, we have designed out crime in every aspect of our engineering.

Our products are certified by third party certification scheme, CERTISECURE (Warrington Certification) - you can have confidence in the knowledge that our roller shutter products exceed the requirements of Grade 3 'Secure by Design'.

Whether you are an architect, building owner or purchasing on behalf of a government authority, you can have confidence that RSL products afford your property the highest specification of burglar resistant security - by Design!

RSL is accredited by these institutions

RSL (Bristol) actively support the 'Secure by Design' initiative, as a result, RSL shutters not only have Standard SBD but also have recently achieved (April 13, 2012) Grade 3, STS202 level BR3 which is an even greater level of security.

RSL can supply and fit all manner of retrofit shutter solutions from the conventional retrobox albeit to RSL's own superior design right through to inbuilt box solutions.

At RSL, we also have unique garage door roller systems. The doors come fully assembled in our unique RSL cassette system that also allows for quick and easy maintenance.

RSL (Bristol) Ltd, the Roller Shutter Lintel Company, has been at the forefront of shutter design since 1994.

Concealed RSL shutter installed in brick building Installation of RSL concealed shutter system using unique cradle View of RLS Garage shutters, automated or manual operation and control Example of green coloured RSL concealed shutters
RSL is accredited by these institutions